Best Experience

 The Best Experience I have ever had, was meeting Reliv, and finding out what it could do for me.  I never thought I could work from home to improve my finances and health ,and at the same time  help others do the same!

 A few years ago I was searching for something to give me relief from a constant cough and itchy watery eyes, and the ringing in my ears (Tinnitus). I tried all kinds of natural and home remedies and was taking handfuls of vitamins and supplements. One day, my husband brought home some information about a shake mix. To me, this sounded interesting as I had begun to believe that a liquid supplement was the way to go because of the way pills sometimes don’t digest correctly, therefore not giving a person the correct dosage to do any good.

We talked it over and decided we would try this shake. After all, there was a 30 day return policy that said if we didn’t like it for any reason and even if the container was empty we could return it for a full refund. Within that first 30 days, I noticed one day that I wasn’t coughing in the mornings as I had for many years. Also, my eyes weren’t watery and I wasn’t constantly wiping at my eyes. The ringing was gone! I do not know if it happened slowly or suddenly. One day I simply noticed I was not hearing any. Other things I noticed were : I wasn’t tried all the time, my muscles stopped hurting all the time, and I felt healthier all around. I thank God for send Reliv to us!

At the end of that first thirty days I knew we had found something really special. But, there was a problem! It was expensive! We talked it over with our distributor and he showed us several plans where we could save money; the biggest savings being 45% which is a really good savings. There is no obligation to sell at the lower saving  %’s, so no pressure. If, for some reason, you do not want to stay at the highest pay level you can drop down a level. You may stay at this level for life, if you like, with no obligation to sell. We sat down and calculated our options. We concluded we would be spending that amount just for ourselves. We signed up at the highest level.

This has been the best experience of my life.