shianwrites is an amazing soul. Her vivid dream spoke straight to me heart. It is inside of us all.


Last night I had one of the most uplifting and vivid dream, I’ve had in a while. It played in my head as I slept like a movie.

I was on my way to a singing competition with my parents but I ditched them along the way, because they were way too overbearing and pushy. When I arrived, there were all these tall gorgeous model framed women and they all wore beautiful maxi dress. Then all of a sudden, so was I, but I felt like mine was too long. We were outdoors in a beautiful open space. Many of the girls sat in a semi circle on the elevated stage, while most stood on the ground. Insecurity kicked in, everything felt wrong. I felt I wasn’t pretty enough, my clothes didn’t fit right and I told myself, that ‘I’m no singer, why am I even here?’… My…

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