Smile u r lovedToday was just a ordinary Sunday. Did a few things around the house. Ran to Huron to see a friend and stopped by to see my aunt, one of many; my mother had 8 sisters and 7 brothers.


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Work from home. In your spare time or full-time. What ever works for you. Join Me as a Reliv Distributor and make your dreams come true!

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I have an Ant family living on my step

Ants on Bricks

Ants on Bricks (Photo credit: enfa)

I have an Ant family living on my step.

They are a friendly bunch; always coming to say Hi and wanting to munch.

When I sit on my step junior and shelly come to play they start at my toes and climb along way.

They spend their summer gathering and storing the things they will need to get through the winter.

But one day Junior wandered away, and mom and dad said Sally you must find our dear dear junior.

And off they sent her. Now what I need from you dear reader is some help.

Because since Junior wandered away my days have not been the same.

My little ants no longer come to play.

I miss their little game.

So please keep an eye out for my little friend

and if you

do see him

stick out your toe

and let him

climb to the end.


ABC’s of Advice

The ABC's Perth headquarters in 1937.

The ABC’s Perth headquarters in 1937. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following are the ABC’s of advice I give to you.

Admire the world around you

Be thoughtful in all your actions

Consider yourself fortunate

Deliver with kindness


Finish what you start



Indulge the less fortunate

Jump in when needed

Kiss the babies


Move a soul

Never blame

Operate with precision

Plow through the rough stuff

Quickly return

Raise the spirits of others


Tell the truth

Uncover your hidden talents

Validate others

Welcome all


yield to no one

Zip along life with zeal