English: Woodland Trust. This wood is under th...

English: Woodland Trust. This wood is under the care of the Woodland Trust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wealth comes from the experiences we endure while helping others.
The richness comes from the glow in their eyes when they recognize you. 
The warm welcoming smile that says glad to see you.  The hug just because you are here.
You say a little prayer of thanks for letting them trust you.
There is nothing more rewarding than having the trust of those who can’t care for themselves. The confusion and loneliness they live through everyday  must  be like walking through a dark forest. Unfamiliar sights and sounds, creatures of many sizes and shapes. Dragons hiding behind each tree. Familiar faces here and there;
( how do I know these/ are we related/am I forgetting who they are/)
Aww there she is she will take good care of me-she won’t make me feel bad about what just happened/I like her/I can’t always know her name but to me it is Security-Safety-Sencerty.
Love and kindness grow the richest crops, and reaps the highest rewards.

Author: Cindy Collins

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