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Facts about multivitamins

Après breakfast choice

Après breakfast choice (Photo credit: Gino)

Is it beneficial to take a multivitamin everyday? What are some facts about multivitamins?

According to the British Journal of Nutrition there has been a series of studies  of the effects of multivitamin supplements on mood and cognitive function.

Healthy men, women and children, taking commercially available vitamins and mineral supplements, were monitored for 4 to 12 weeks.  Their cognitive performance through tasks requiring memory, attention, accuracy and/or multitasking were tested.

Their finding indicates that vitamin and mineral supplementation improved cognitive performance after only a few weeks.

High doses of B-complex showed men improved their performance with cognitive tasks. Women taking multivitamin/mineral supplements had increased accuracy and speed with multitasking. There was an increased accuracy in attention-based activities in children ages 8 to 14.

This article below really tells us the facts about multivitamins. It is true that supplementing with just one vitamin or mineral, when we really do not know which we are truly lacking ,is not helpful.  Where as a multivitamin covers all the bases.

Multivitamin supplements boost brain function, say UK researchers.

I find in my life taking a  multivimamin is beneficial. I feel more alert, have better energy, and just feel healthier all around. The facts are that multivitamins are good for me!

Let me know what facts about multivitamins is your favorite!

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